Fitting It all in

I love the Outdoors, the smell of nature, clearing your mind, having the space to think, working out and releasing endorphin’s to make you feel exhilarated!!


Then you come back to life and it’s busy work days, family commitments, time schedules, traffic, commuting, feeding the family, paying the bills it can all get very overwhelming.

You need to take time out for “YOU”. To educate yourself to new levels so you can mentally cope. Learns mental tools you can draw on in time of need.
Hit your Personal goals, open your mind to receive, enrich yourself with exercising the mind. Learn to create a wonderful life and future.
Personal Development gives you the education to Empower your MIND so you can be the best mum,dad, friend, spouse, leader!!

The 17 Day System for Transformation program is available for you to take time out in your day to unlock your full potential.

Get a great start to your new Future U!



dark and bright side

Are you sick of travelling to work, hate the long hours away from home, want to travel for fun and not for work, want to live an enriched life? Are you ready to be responsible for your future?

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Have You Ever Wanted To Create Your Greatness?




Personal Development Lucrative Empowering Business.

Come along to our FREE Event this week-


THURSDAY 22ND FEB 2017 MELBOURNE – 7pm-8.30pm

SATURDAY 25th FEB 2017 SYDNEY- 9am-10.30am

CLICK HERE NOW to Register & Book your seat/seats ASAP-


Look out for me at SYDNEY event.

All details are on the page when you register


x Kelly Adams-Blackman

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Life IS Meant To Be AWESOME!!!

This week on our LIVE Podcast brought to you by -BORN TO PROSPER by Rachel & Shane Krider
Life is meant to be awesome.
This idea occurred to me during one of the most challenging days of my life. I was 26 years old and I was confronted with the sinking realization that my life, as hard and unsatisfying as it was, was probably just going to get worse.
I was dealing with a co-worker who was in his forties and still grinding it out in a blue collar job. He was a nice enough guy, but under the surface you got a sense of a deep level of resentment, frustration and hopelessness.
This freaked me out. I could see myself being him, in 15 to 20 years.
This observation scared me. It woke me up. It triggered a process of “predicting” my future based on where things were going for me.
It’s what I did next, and what you could do right now, that I want to share with you on this weeks Mind Power.
How do you choose that your life is meant to be awesome, even when life is anything but?
How do you make expansion, growth and meaningful accomplishment a natural byproduct of your daily process?
How do you own your power and your space in a way that gives you the freedom and the clarity you need to break free of the gravitational pull of “your normal life”?
You can make your life awesome and you can do it today.
Tune into this weeks Mind Power and I will show you how.
Every Wednesday at 3:30pm New York /
THURSDAY 7:30am Sydney / 9:30am Auckland)
Shane Krider
P.S. Rach here, super excited about this topic. It resonates with me as I had a couple of similar wakeup calls throughout my own journey and I look forward to hashing this out in the hot seat this week.
PPS. If you missed last week on the Law Of Attraction you can catch the recording here.
For more info on our Business Opportunity go to to Apply or APPLY HERE

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2017 New Year , New Goals & New Start



With Christmas now over you are probably feeling the pressure and wearing the financial burden, with bills coming in some people simply can not cope.
This is a New Year!! Look into everyday as a day of positive changes, of moving forward and working through any challenges, This way you will only get mentally stronger. Except these challenges and defeat them, see them as a new task to work through and complete with a positive outcome.
Your MIND is extremely powerful and can work for you when you use it and continue to educate it. Keep asking yourself
“How can i “, how can i work on this challenge, and start on the next one that comes up!
We all go through it, just know that you are NOT alone, that you can work through it.
Feed your Mind with Personal Development materials- read, listen to audios, go for a walk, stretch,exercise,meditate, visualize what you want your future to look like, then write it down and start your steps to make it happen, and ride the bumpy road all the way!!
If you want some FREE material to start educating your mind NOW, then comment below , and make sure you share this page and follow me for weekly updates.
And request for Free Personal Development Info or take a look at our Online Course Material.

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Bridge The Gap Between NOW & your FUTURE U!

WHEN WE WERE BORN, we came equipped with a brain that was like a sponge and ready to absorb as much as you fed it, a brain that was pure. As we grow we learnt from those that taught us which we had no real control over. Yet when we grew older, instead of letting our mind be open to generate new thinking and goal setting, we still follow the crowd as such and do things that we may not want to do or may know ourselves that, it just doesn’t feel right to you.
I wonder, if this feeling , is trying to give you a sign to “Think For Yourself & set your own Life Goals!”
Only then shall we learn our True Potential. No one should Judge You, nor should you think anyone has the right to judge you. for your success and failures. 
Set your OWN Goals, then set out to Achieve them with a Positive Quiet Attitude!
Let your mind be free to expand. Switch yourself OFF from all negativity. Surround yourself with positivity so then you will receive positive results.
Reach out to me, and i will share with you our Product Line on Personal Development Courses to help you reach your Ultimate Personal Empowerment
GO TO for your FREE Success copy today
and visit my website
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images (1) quotes earl nightingale

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Mind Empowerment

Continue reading

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Are You A Leader Or A Follower?


Future U FB Banner

~Money & Finance~Life Education~Work & Career~Play & Fun~Relationships~

Hi there,

To be a leader or a follower! There are a few different examples that might pop up in your mind when we talk about these.

Example-Leaders- Presidents, Coaches,Teachers, Parents etc.

Then there’s Followers- citizens, sports persons, students and children.

Most of the time, you may need to be a follower to learn new skills and get direction. But when it comes to people that are close to you, being a follower may squash your confidence and individuality. You may be led to differences of opinion and feel self doubt when wanting to take on a new course of direction and goals. They may say “that’s great that you want to do this or that, but i don’t want you to get hurt, or it just sounds too risky ” and then your self doubt kicks in and you start to second guess your choice of direction and idea instead of embracing it with excitement.

If you are receiving this advise or negativity continually, then it’s time to boost your confidence and take control of YOUR LIFE. After all, they may truly be concerned that you may be doing the wrong thing and they don’t want you to get hurt if something goes wrong or doesn’t work out, but again it’s YOUR LIFE, YOUR JOURNEY!

Take control and start to take note of who it is around you that doesn’t fully support you and advise you to give it a go then acknowledge their advise by thanking them for their concern and keep moving forward to your new future!

It’s called Breaking Away from the Herd…

I have a FREE gift for you as a snippet of our Product line in Personal Development-Online Education designed for you to complete at your own pace in your own time,( preferably daily for maximum results).

Click on and you will receive your, free download for the 7 Simple Steps To A One OF A Kind Life!! Work through the activities and you will see a change happening.

As i said, this is a small piece of the Personal Development Product line we have. After you have finished, and you want more, just reply email me through my website and i will send you some information on our Online Products.

The amazing thing is, if you are someone who wants to help other people to Empower their life whilst empowering your’s & building your income from home, then visit my and Apply for more information. There will be a short phone interview. I will personally call you to say hi and discuss a few things to see if this Opportunity is truly a match for you. No MLM, No Party Plans!

Now dive in and get your FREE copy and start to be Empowered!!!

Have an awesome day, You are Truly worth it!

Kelly Adams-Blackman x 


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Winter Is Approaching!

Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all well!

Heads Up….Winter is around the corner when most people go into some form of hibernation mode from exercise & then start the excessive comfort food eating because of the cold.

Well, let’s NOT do that this year, let’s hit winter head on with some healthy habits NOW

Set a good routine by blocking out a time frame each day where you allocate 1hr to do some form of exercise.

Eg- Circuit training, jog, power walk, indoor sports activity, Yoga, Pilates, Kettle Bell and TRX training etc.

The most important thing to realize is that once you put it in your diary and make it concrete, and i find it best for me to do it first thing in the morning & do some kind of group training at night, then all you need to do is have your fitness gear ready the night before and when that alarm goes off, get straight out of bed, get dressed, and get out the door after a quick drink. NO fluffing around having breakfast first.

caveman exercise

Bit of history, the caveman times for example had to go out and catch their food first then prepare it so i body will be ok if we follow in these foot steps. You will feel energized once you do and the meal you had the night before will give you that fuel. So NO MORE EXCUSES!!




images (19)caveman exercising

If you prefer to workout at night when it is dark and getting colder then a group sport activity is great or an indoor or outdoor Personal Training session will do the trick to keep you motivated.

Eating wise… for breaky try and have some warm porridge with a scoop of protein powder, 1/2 tspn of Turmeric & Cinnamon, 1 tblspn of coconut oil and some almond or coconut milk and stir in the pot. There is a lot of healing properties in these ingredients and it will leave you content. Lunches, go for Chicken, Tuna Salads or stir fry with sweet potatoes or Basmati rice and for Dinner try a Casserole with your choice of meat and veggies( broccoli, celery are great) and add some Cayenne Pepper to warm up the metabolism. Ask me more at

The other Exercise mind blocker is work! What work are you doing? Can you get out at lunchtime and hit the footpath or park for a power walk, push ups, sit ups, triceps dips etc. Most people get 1 hr break so plenty of time to get a 30min work out in. 

Is your work really getting you down with long hours travelling and traffic delays?  Are you finding it harder to work for a boss? Have you always wanted a better work/life balance?

If you answered YES then you too can build your own business. Start Part time or full time.
Sky’s-The-Limit Income Opportunity. Manage your own schedule. Be a part of the 2016 Boom and have the time to look after health to eat well and exercise. Go ahead and fill in the Form box provided at and we will contact you for a brief 5-10min chat. We can then forward on some Business Info in the way of a easy to watch video.

Enjoy Life To The Fullest

Give Yourself The Best Opportunity For Health & Success!!


Keep smiling and look forward to connecting with you soon


Kelly Adams-Blackman x

Personal Development, Personal Empowerment

Leadership Mentor



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Wake Up and Do Something About It!


Most of us want a better life. So what is it exactly that you want to change about the way your life is right NOW?

Mostly i think it would be Not enough Money, want to change your work, sick of travelling to work, behind in bills, maybe you are sick of not being able to lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose forever, what ever your reason for change is, are you really ready to make the change or do you think you will be in this current situation for the next 10 years!

Today, got me on the path of thinking how we can make our current situation something of the past and work on what we want to change and achieve in our future.

So let’s start by grabbing a pen and paper. Draw up 2 columns. Left one title NOW, right one titled FUTURE.

In the NOW column i want you to put all the list of NOW things you want to change about your current situation, all the things you hate about the now. Things like- attitude, health, weight, habits, money, jobs, relationships, personality etc. These are the things we are going to work on, and be rid of . To be able to move into the next area of your life you must be willing to lay these things on the table by acknowledging they exist as a blocker in your life currently.

Now that it’s out there in front of you, write in your FUTURE column what you want your life to be like- eg, clothes you wear, your personality, your relationships, your work, your house,car, health, weight etc. Grab pictures off the internet and start a vision board once you have written down these required things of your Future Self and put it up for you to see every day. Take 10-15min each day visualizing yourself with your eyes closed and how you feel being in this new life. Put emotion to it and see how you feel.

Now Ask yourself, “What can i do to make my life the way i want it”

And go about making the changes required to build this better life.

If you want to be in control of your finances, work & income, Lifestyle & time then what about working from home! We have the Executive Business Opportunity that is Online and totally portable with your laptop and Phone, and best of all it’s helping people and yourself with  Personal Development products. Want to find out more?

Go to and fill in the required details and also have a look through my website, get to know me and what i love about my business online. The Personal Development Industry Online Homebased Business Opportunity gives you the Lifestyle you have always dreamed of!

Go ahead and get started, invest in yourself and your Future


And Have a great life

Kelly x





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Welcome Future U Fitness

Untitled designWelcome to my Future U Fitness & Health blog

 Trimming down, building muscle, & getting to the healthy you, seems, for some, to be overwhelming. Most focus on strick diets that are hard to maintain. I know what it’s like to be restricted. I competed in Figure Bodybuilding for 5 years,it was fun but tough and having 1 child that was 3yrs old and inbetween comps had another, it was overwhelming at times.

How did i consistently lose 1kg a week whilst eating alot, working nights and looking after 2 small children? I wouldn’t suggest at all that you follow a regimated body builders super clean diet. Sure it gave me a consistent weight loss, and muscular feminine body doing it the natural way, but it had its ups and downs, emotionally, physically. I did learn in those important years of self achievements, that the trick to consistent body change is exercise- using weights, cardio & healthy consistent eating daily and most importantly, to make sure you are prepared with your food. Cook in batches and prepare in bulk. If you are a busy working person or always get caught out missing meals, then i want to share a trick i learnt whilst bodybuilding. Prepare your meals for the week on a Sunday. 5-7 days of meals. Each meal in containers and in the fridge ready to eat daily. Breakfast best made fresh if not in a rush.

Do you want help to get to your goal weight and ideal body?

Visit my page and submit your inquiry.

It’s important to set yourself goals in life and be the best thst you can be.

Love yourself

Have a beautiful journey

x Kelly

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