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Hi and Welcome to my Fitness page.

I have enjoyed Fitness since I started dancing at the age of 6yrs old. In my teens I danced, played Representative Touch Football and later in our club Premier League Soccer team. But I guess things changed for me when I realized that in my 20’s I wanted different results. Yes I was training cardio hard weekly with my sports, but it wasn’t until I joined a gym wanting different body shape results that I started to get them. I was introduced to lifting weights, and not just small weights. My goals changed as did my shape, into a better symmetrical shape and I changed my focus then to my first of many Figure Bodybuilding Competitions. See I was already at the gym every day except weekends so I figured it wouldn’t take me long to get the shape I needed. So food intake got strict as did harder training, heavier lifting, and more focused cardio. A lot of sessions, which really tested me mentally and physically.

I remember particular sessions of many, training leg’s, when I went through mixed emotions- pain threshold, close to tears, shaking and then nearly throwing up. Each pushing me beyond my comfort zones, but one thing stayed true, my desire to get on stage and win a medal. Through all these times when I was eating strictly, you still had to socialize, to go to parties and BBQ’s. With my lunch bag full of my food off we’d go. My friends would say, “surely you can have some cake or this or that”, they didn’t entirely know what I was aiming at and what chain reaction those little bits of this and that would cause. I’m pretty sure they didn’t fully support me and may have tried to tell me that it was a silly sport, but in the end, I had a GOAL a VISION to be the best I could be.

5 years of competing with its up and downs and a 3yr old in tow with 1 born in between. Yes it was tough mentally, physically but I did it and I know if YOUR DESIRE’S and GOALS are big enough for YOU, you will do beyond what you are comfortable with, no matter what life’s obstacles, to get to that END result and feel absolutely amazing and so very happy that you have achieved what you set out to do.And the best part is i incorporate what i have discovered in my journey with Personal Development to work through your mind set and focus.

So Now It’s Your Turn.
Let me help you achieve your Fitness & Health Goals!!

Grab a pen and write the answers to these questions and email me or call to discuss when you want to get started.

A few questions you need to ask yourself if you really want to change your life daily and be at cause for your results.

  • What is Your DMO with your Fitness Routine & Eating now?
  • Is Exercise and eating healthy part of your day, your week?
  • Are you stressed, sleepless, overweight, out of control with bad eating, feeling sluggish, easily angry?
  • Are you someone who can motivate yourself?
  • What are your fitness/ health goals?
  • Are you interested to find out how you can change your mind set on your health & lifestyle?
  • What do you think is holding you back in getting results for yourself?

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