My name is Kelly Adams-Blackman and Welcome to your Future U!

I live on the beautiful coast of New South Wales, Australia with my 2 beautiful boys and my wonderful husband. My husband’s background is in the mining Industry, working in a supervision/management role for the last 20 years and also a Pain & Injury Therapist. My background is in the wellness Industry as a Personal Trainer & Injury & Pain Treatment Therapist. I enjoy Jazz & Tap dancing, different sports and being a Business owner.

The decision to start Future U came to me whilst looking for a business opportunity that would bring us financial freedom and most importantly to be home for my family. To give everyone an opportunity to change their Future to how they desire.

We are both very passionate about helping other’s. We have always been very interested in Books and Seminars within the Personal Development Industry, like “The Secret”. If you have watched the DVD or read the book then you would know about the Power of Your Mind! Law of Attraction: What you think about you bring about or “Think & Grow Rich” – Thoughts are Things! This has really improved our lives and started us on a journey of self-discovery and beyond, a new way of thinking and living our lives!

The Law of Attraction rang true, not only with the way my husband and I were brought together, but it’s what brought this fantastic Home Business Opportunity to me in a time when I was looking for something very special. The whole philosophy behind the education products has brought such personal enrichment to myself, family and people around me. I just could not pass up this opportunity.

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By providing my contact information, I am requesting information about this opportunity and the award winning products and services.

I work alongside a Global Market Leader in promoting International Award Winning, Success Education and Personal Development Programs and Events, which assist individuals to reach their full potential. This business is built on a well-established support network. The whole concept is to use the products to develop you personally, and then the natural progression of financial wealth will follow.

What’s important to me is to continue to grow and be the best that I can be, to learn each day and to help inspire people in every way, to bring about Financial Growth and Freedom along the way.

This business has truly changed my life and I look forward to showing you the way!

I welcome a chat with you or anyone you know who is looking for an easy Home Based Business Solution, not a get rich quick scheme. It is a Real Home Based Business Opportunity. A laptop, Internet & Phone with a few hours to spare each day will get you started.

I AM LOOKING FOR SERIOUS, MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE LEADERS; COMMITTED NOT ONLY TO THEIR OWN SUCCESS BUT THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS, which have the desire, passion and personality to be self employed. Helping themselves and others to achieve the goals of Personal and Financial Freedom & Abundance!

APPLY TODAY by filling out the Online Contact Form or Call Today. I will personally call you within 48 hours!

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To YOUR Success!
Kelly Adams-Blackman
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